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鋁製卷尺 / 金 1.5M

榮獲2016 IF  2015 Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest 等大獎!

This measure is made by the world highest level of metal cutting technique. Its Φ 48mm disc-type shape is curved out from the aluminum, and its top and bottom surfaces are slightly concave to fit the fingers. There are three holes on the edge that you can put your favorite keychain, strap & etc.
Receiving the highest prize in "2015 Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest", it is practical, precise and also beautiful as an object.

Means one-thousandth second, in a word 'a moment'. This shows the concept of the brand that produces the products attracting the people in a millisecond. The brand was born in a project Takeda Design Project which is the collaboration of Caro.inc, the design office and Takada, the metal processing manufacturer in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture.
尺寸 /
直徑 50mm 14mm
卷尺寬: 6mm, 卷尺長: 1.5m 
重量: 40g
材質 /

產地 /
NT$2680    NT$2680
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